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Manufacturer Supply acrylic sheet with low price

Manufacturer Supply acrylic sheet with low price

  • Product:Cast Acrylic on Paper Sheet
  • Thickness:2mm~50mm
  • Color:Transparent, clear, milky, opal, black, red, blue, yellow, green,etc
  • Density:1.2g/cm3
  • Specific gravity :1.19-1.20
  • Rockwell hardness:M-100 kg/cm2
  • Shear Strength :630 kg/cm2
  • Rupture Strength: 1050kg/cm2
  • Tensile Strength: 760kg/cm2
  • Yield Strength: 1260kg/cm2
  • Impact strength: 0.35 cal/groC
  • Thermal Deformation Temp: 100 oC
  • Thermal Forming Temp: 140~180 oC
  • Light Transmittance:  93%
  • Refractive index:1.49
  • Absorptivity of water (24h): 0.30%
  • Insulation Strength: 20KV/mm

1. Good weather resistance and acid alkali resistance

2. Long service time

3. Good light transmission, light transmittance>92%, only need small light intensity, saving electric energy

4. Strong impact resistance, is sixteen times that of ordinary glass, suitable for installation in the special needs of the safety zone

5. Excellent insulation properties, suitable for all kinds of electrical equipment

6. Light weight, only half weight of ordinary glass

7. Bright color, high brightness

8. UV light resistance

9. High plasticity, Processing and shaping easier.

10. Non-toxic, easy to clean

11. High mechanical strength

12. Widely used cast acrylic sheet

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