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Display cases|Acrylic display cases.

Display cases|Acrylic display cases.

  • Brand. Name: Hotsun
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)
  • Product Name:Display cases
  • MOQ: 500pcs             
  • Usage: Display cases often used in shopping malls, counters show.
Process Description: 

1, Plexiglas acrylic sheet precision cutting (according to the size and shape of the customer's exact requirements is expected to open) into laser cutting modeling.
2, Were bonded with glue, bonding site part positioning accuracy, combined with a solid, upright, not loose and cracking.
3, Silk screen design patterns clear, full. Clean packaging and packaging process to ensure complete surface of the product, detailed, uniform hue, gloss consistency.
4, No apparent roughness, blistering, burning, cracks, scratches, defects such as delamination. At the same time the product is not classified horizontal surface is smooth, bubble, trap dirt, edge neat, smooth, no glitches.

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