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Acrylic Furniture

  • Author:Amelia Liu
  • Release on:2015-06-09

Acrylic also called PMMA or acryl, Perspex ,plexiglass ,PMMA . Acrylic with good transparency properties, beautiful appearance, has outstanding resistance to aging, high resistance to fragmentation capability, good insulation, acid, alkali, salt has strong corrosion resistance, is environmentally friendly new materials.

Flame polishing crystal clear.

Acrylic is a new fashion material, due to its special transparent texture by fashion favorite, a transparent texture glass and glass do not have, not fragile, gentle touch, more suitable for stylish compact home office environment.


[Material] 8mm Acryl

[Size] 25cm wide x 34cm long x 83cm high

[Color]Transparent, transparent black, wine red, white, and ect ,the color can according your pantone color number .

[Weight] 4.5kg

[Packing] weight about 8kg

[Material Description] Acylic, plexiglass, Perspex ,PMMA