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Processing method of acrylic display stand

  • Author:szhotsun
  • Release on:2015-06-24

Processing method of acrylic display stand

Acrylic display rack is made out of acrylic material product, so performance of acrylic display rack to display much better than other materials, acrylic materials to produce products that have a lot of, in most homes there, then what are the processing method of acrylic display stand? American technicians are here to explain it to you.
1、Heating method: as the name suggests, this acrylic material is first heated to the soft state, followed by rapid processing workers use hand kneading. Producers of design of acrylic display rack model follow, agile, in one fell swoop. Products made with this method are generally smooth lines, the advantages of simple.

2、the section about repeated stack of different colors of acrylic blocks together, and then forming the grinding section directly. Acrylic products produced in this way, color changing, color variations, manufactures often gives a very beautiful visual effects.

molding method: acrylic material after heating to melt, and then leveraging existing molding. Acrylic craftwork made with this method body plump, smooth lines, with strong texture of icing and reliefs, now widely used in acrylic craftwork.

4、the Mosaic law: different colors of acrylic blocks cut into the desired geometry, and mosaic on the floor together. This method requires splicing between the acrylic blocks tight, angular, manufactures color and abstract style, beautiful finished effect.

5、bonding method: acrylic cutting into desired shapes, on the flat or shaped using special glue for bonding operations.

Now more common acrylic processing methods have these exhibits, depending on the design will take the appropriate methods, for more information, you can contact Sun display supplies company in Shenzhen hotsun display product co.,ltd. any other content of the product.