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How to choose a good acrylic display stand

  • Author:hanny
  • Release on:2015-06-16
How to choose a good acrylic display stand

1, when you purchase through touch acrylic display rack, by hand is to judge its quality. High quality acrylic display surface smooth, feel good, and don't leave fingerprints or other marks.
2, to watch for when buying acrylic display stand light. As good acrylic material has excellent light transmittance, finest acrylic display generally have good transparency.
3, acrylic display stand stability and bearing capacity must be taken into account. Within the good range of acrylic display stand in the standard load-bearing, lightly deferred items will not be any deformation or slight distortions.
4, material thickness or not is simply one measure of acrylic display rack. Acrylic display use a different material, its thickness will surely be different. Buyers can be compared with the standard thickness of the acrylic display rack directly to determine the quality of this product. Also observe the display color. High quality acrylic display stands color uniformity, good overall.
5,SHENZHEN HOTSUN DISPLAY PRODUCT CO., Ltd of Shenzhen Municipality Guangdong and southern China specializing in a variety of acrylic plexiglass products display manufacturers, and products are mainly exported to Europe, is the first export of acrylic display manufacturers. Not only can guarantee the quality and price offer. Used raw materials, absolutely 100% environmental protection, compliance with European export inspection standard.