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Type for acrylic and how to classify

  • Author:Amelia Liu
  • Release on:2015-06-06

1, acrylic casting plate divided by the production process and the pressing plate, it can be divided according to the transmittance of the transparent plate, translucent panels (including dyeing plate transparent plate), Swatch (including black and white and color plates); according to the performance fractance impact plate, UV plate, common boards and special boards such as high impact board, fire board, matte board, metallic plates, high wear-resistant plate, light guide plates and the like.

A: casting acrylic sheet: high molecular weight, excellent stiffness, strength and excellent chemical resistance. And thus more suitable for processing large-size identification plaque, in the softening process is relatively longer time. This feature is a small batch plate processing, there are unmatched system flexibility in color and surface texture effect, and complete product specifications, useful in a variety of special applications.

B: extruding acrylic sheet: Compared with the casting plate, pressing plate lower molecular weight, weaker mechanical properties, flexibility is relatively high. However, this feature is conducive to bending and hot forming, softening shorter. In dealing with the larger size of the plate, it is conducive to all kinds of rapid vacuum forming. Meanwhile, the pressing plate thickness tolerances smaller than the cast slab. Since the pressing plate is a high volume automated production, color and size inconvenience conditioning, so the diversity of product specifications subject to certain restrictions.

2, there is a call back to the acrylic panels are renewable materials recycled acrylic scrap, after the thermal degradation regenerated MMA (methyl methacrylate) monomer, followed by the chemical reaction of polymerization and then come. After a rigorous process, you can retrieve the pure MMA monomer, and newly synthesized monomer, there is no difference in quality. But produced by the degradation of the monomer, purity is not high, after the sheet metal forming, from the quality and performance is poor.

Summary: When squeezed a particulate material, dissolved after high temperature extrusion molding, and casting plate with MMA monomer (liquid) is directly casted, although the squeeze on board relatively flat and smooth appearance, but because of the particulate material forming to complete the polymerization. When processed into sheets its structure, performance is weak, is not suitable as a material for outdoor identify the product, the product is only suitable for indoor crystal word or products such as stents. In addition, as the majority of non-pressure plate UV protection, life and the casting board its outdoor use is quite different, the color will gradually fade and easy to embrittlement, until rupture. Casting plate is done in sheet structure polymerization process, during which added an ultraviolet absorber, with high strength and UV capabilities, outdoor life of up to 5 years or even 10 years, during the use of color has been bright as new.