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Various acrylic organizer.

  • Author:Hotsun
  • Source:Hotsun
  • Release on:2014-08-14

Storage box, as the name suggests is to hold things in the box, that is the stuff (especially small items, such as: office stationery, cosmetics, documentation, electronic gadgets, socks, underwear, etc.) gather together. It is nicknamed antique boxes, Earlier it was used to store archaeological team unearthed after defragmentation.. Such boxes are generally strictly numbers big and small, but most of them are shoebox size (Unearthed relics generally heavier, shoebox most suitable handling). Modern society will gradually evolved into the storage box similar to the "Magic Box", Storage box in the market has been very common, low cost, and widely beneficial, very suitable for public use.Therefore, the market there are many brands of storage box, with the advent of acrylic material, which has excellent transparency, so that the acrylic storage box by many people of all ages

Most people like the crisp clean the house, do not put dirty clothes, small items into every corner of the house, this time, simple wardrobe, commoner storage cabinets, storage box creativity into their daily lives essential thing.

Advantages of the storage box :

1, Its functions can be for people to organize storage space, so space becomes simple and beautiful.

2, Easy to install, DIY can exercise their ability, but also a form of entertainment.

3, DIY lightweight wooden storage box for easy transport is also easy to move position, to achieve a change in the space of random effects.

Acrylic organizer Type:

1, Acrylic underwear organizer from Shenzhen Hotsun is designed for you to customize your own private space

2, Acrylic Jewelry Box, blending classical and modern, full flourishing luxury

3, acrylic storage box finishing home.

4, Acrylic makeup organizer.

5, acrylic CD storage box.

Acrylic organizer