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Acrylic most complete production process - Acrylic manufacturers.

  • Author:Hotsun
  • Source:Hotsun
  • Release on:2014-08-13

About acrylic processing operations, whether as a customer or someone else can come to know, We can also find some information about acrylic processing operations on the Internet, in general the main program is the same, But every one acrylic manufacturer has its own unique advantages.

Shenzhen Hotsun has 12 years of experience as an acrylic products manufacturer ,we have our own unique process in acrylic processing ,so that our customers can customize any product they need.

1, Procurement of raw materials. Selection of raw materials is very important, Before I said acrylic sheet is divided into three categories, imported board, as well as homemade board, the quality of imported plate excellent, prices are high,domestic plate is generally plate, also called regeneration board, the quality is not very good, low price and more. Large manufacturers are chosen to import board, long life.

2, as required in large sawing open aniseed,, on a small sawing open a small materials. It is expected to open is very important, Reasonably expected to open to maximize sheet utilization, eliminate waste, scrap can do other uses require neat emissions, recycling and reuse.  

3, Shape carved customer needs on a laser engraving machine. Because each customer's product requirements are not the same, so the effect of laser engraving machine is that you can carve out a variety of shapes.

4, With the diamond polishing machine for polishing. After carving good shape, polished surface will be carried out, diamond polishing machine using a diamond cutter for precision cutting acrylic surface mirror effect to achieve the best results transmittance.

5, The screen printing. Screen printing is in accordance with the needs of different customers, the picture is transferred to the acrylic board, is the most advanced and most commonly used screen printing technology.

6, Bending molding. The acrylic processing to a certain shape, and then heated, curved agglomerated.

7, Glue bonding. This last is the easiest steps later work, is carried glue bonding. .

8, Packing: Since the acrylic sheet is relatively brittle, so packing and shipping processes are need to be careful, usually first with bubble bag or PE bag, then use Styrofoam cartons, then Mdf wooden packaging. After the completion of these projects can be shipped success.