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Acrylic products processing considerations

  • Author:Hotsun
  • Source:Hotsun
  • Release on:2014-08-11
1. Ordinary acrylic plate heat distortion temperature of about 100 degrees, continuous use temperature is not higher than 90 degrees. 
2. Acrylic plate surface hardness equivalent to aluminum, use or processing should be careful to avoid surface scratches on. If they are scratched, you can restore the original luster by polishing the surface. 
3. Acrylic plate prone to static electricity, dust absorption. Dipped 1% soapy water when cleaning wipe with a soft cloth. 
4. Cast acrylic sheet has a certain coefficient of expansion boards, acrylic panels during installation must be considered appropriate telescopic leave enough clearance .

Acrylic on avoiding distortion: 

1, the mounting frame should be set aside contraction and expansion gap 
2, holes must be drilled oval with screw lock 
3, the choice of elastic rubber gasket 
4, the impact strength can be improved 
thermoforming, and the release of stress 
5, thermoformed into a wavy, diamond-type and semi-circular acrylic plate to prevent sagging deformation due to weight
6, the use of large-format acrylic board, need to increase the thickness of the plate to prevent sagging deformation due to its own weight
7, select the appropriate thickness to avoid wind load caused by acrylic plate bending