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Acrylic used in kitchen countertops.

  • Author:Hotsun
  • Source:Hotsun
  • Release on:2014-08-09
Life growing demand for artificial marble, good quality artificial marble texture appearance can be comparable to natural marble. Artificial marble made of a combination of kitchen, bath, also slowly developed. So you know what artificial marble is made from it? 

First, the market saw the artificial marble is mainly divided into three series: acrylic, polyester type, AP classes (AP DuPont resin). Department of pure acrylic artificial marble which has a strong anti-aging, aging period is generally up to 15 years, is a high-speed sub-products, its main casting molding method, but low productivity cast molding method, the cost is too high . So the manufacturer's technical equipment and process requirements are very strict, so the market price has been high.
But people also increasingly demanding life, preferring to spend exorbitant costs. Therefore, high surface hardness, heat resistance, excellent weatherability of pure acrylic products pressing material (called BMC), Japan Institute of Technology developed a resin that can be press-molded acrylic molding new material - for kitchen units acrylic BMC panel used. This material in the molding process and high production efficiency, simple process. 

1, the characteristics of acrylic BMC
a. surface appearance, three-dimensional sense.
b. color is good, some mid-tones, patterns but also through the process and show it.
c. high surface hardness, easy to scratch.
d. heat resistance, weather resistance. 
The above points, acrylic BMC is very consistent with the United States as well as ultra-high demands of people's quality of life. Such molding products are now widely used in the market up. 

2, compared with the acrylic molded article casting it has many advantages. Including process, as well as costs. 
a. The curing time is short, secondary curing is not necessary.
b. need assembly tooling, injection molding and other operating processes.
c. Front bezel and rear fenders can be integrally molded, compared with the flat type, use of the product simple.
In short repression pure acrylic molding of BMC system saves cost, but also improves the efficiency of production, so the market has been increasingly welcomed by huge market potential.