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Which acrylic factory can customize?

  • Author:Hotsun
  • Source:Hotsun
  • Release on:2014-08-08

If you are end customer, you now need to be renovated store or the mall, looking for some products can be the perfect showcase your products, but they want the entire store or mall atmosphere was high-grade, then you do not know who to turn to complete this thing, traders find it, often you will be very costly. If you do not find them,you can not find suitable acrylic factory.

If you are a trader, your customers need to customize 10,000 sets of acrylic products, but the high customer product requirements, must be in accordance with his request to complete every detail. You also struggled to find a lot of manufacturers, but all reach you this product requirements. Now  there factory is still a lot of custom acrylic, how to find a strength of acrylic custom manufacturers do?

Both customers are for the selection of a suitable acrylic plant and headache distress. Now I will give you a few suggestions.

1, first of all have a look at the characteristics of acrylic because some manufacturers in order to reduce the cost of poor quality of selected acrylic sheet, but because most of the acrylic do not know.So they will fish in troubled waters. Acrylic is a thermoplastic with excellent transparency, high temperature resistance, weather resistance, easy processing, easy coloring. Acrylic sheet thickness is generally good enough, contrary insufficient thickness, material is good also cut corners. Another good acrylic sheet revealing just a very pure white, not yellow nor blue. There are many methods of identification, this time you will need to use your own eyes to judge his good or bad.

2, there are many manufacturers in Shenzhen, said that can be customized, but may not be able to do. This time we will look at their equipment, and processing acrylic there are several devices must use to: laser engraving machine, cutting machine, Push table swing angle circular saws, automatic polishing machines, vertical engraving and milling machines, automatic bending machines. Whether the equipment on behalf of the manufacturers of technologically advanced, if the device is perfect, advanced production technology so it certainly fine, any customer product requirements for certain is able to complete. Of course there is the master of the craft processing is also very important. These you can go to the factory to visit, you can also look at the plant's strength.

3, the general strength, advanced equipment and technology professional acrylic processing plants are proofing can be customized according to your drawings or size. So you need not worry.

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