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Acrylic makeup organizer optional skills.

  • Author:Hotsun
  • Source:Hotsun
  • Release on:2014-08-05

On an article simply said something about acrylic makeup organizer, a lot of people might say, is not that what a storage box, sold everywhere. But you want to select a good quality, but also beautiful, durable and most importantly, fully functional storage box is not so easy.

First, it is recommended that you choose acrylic material, since acrylic is easier to clean, and beautiful, and convenient. However, because the acrylic market is growing, the market came out a lot of unscrupulous businessmen, not waterproof said to be waterproof, transparent plastic are claimed to be acrylic, a lot of people do not understand the material tends to be deceived.

 Only plastic and acrylic waterproof, plastic does not suggest that you choose, though very light, but not light, looking for something inconvenient. Wooden mukeup organizer general surface water, plate edge is not waterproof. In addition we see a transparent box, not necessarily acrylic oh, if mukeup organizer function relatively complete, but the price at 100 yuan (RMB)or less certainly is plastic, and instead of acrylic. Because acrylic sheet is very expensive, the price of a 2.7 mm thick plate on the 180yuan(RMB). Simply doing a makeup organizer, then the cost to be at least 70yuan(RMB), plus labor costs, etc., so a finished acrylic makeup organizer costs can not be less than 100yuan(RMB).

  Now makeup organizer features are very complete, we can choose the function with drawers, drawer daily use can put a small mirror, eyeliner, jewelry, etc., so the drawer function is very important.