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Choose which material for makeup organizer?

  • Author:Hotsun
  • Source:Hotsun
  • Release on:2014-08-04

Before today I'm talking about acrylic makeup organizer, will speak about how to choose the right storage box will be neat and tidy home becomes cluttered. Live at home, it is inevitable that a lot of things are often used, but some things twice with an idle, such as clothes, shoes, cosmetics, books, etc., how to organize these things become a big problem. Especially when the season changed, large and small debris if not packed, the room soon becomes a mess. Although "not as good as gold or silver nest kennel," but in fact we all are aware of the need to tidy up the room a good finishing. So how to choose storage box?

The first point for everyone to popularize knowledge about the storage box material. There are many storage box material, acrylic, kraft paper, plastic, non-woven fabrics and other storage box has, these materials have their own characteristics. If you put something less, you can choose plastic, relatively lighter; install something more, or use the Oxford cloth; If you worry too much dust the room, then the non-woven fabric covered storage box, relatively easy to clean.

The second point, like a good plan to storage items. For example, if you want to accommodating unusual dress pants, you can select the style storage box stool, stool storage box modeling simple, either when the benches are also easily organize your favorite kinds of debris, while making full use of space, also has a certain decorative effect. If storage underwear or cosmetics, you need to use the storage box containing charcoal, more than the average non-woven storage box with moisture, antibacterial effect, let you say goodbye mothballs smell and dust troubles, can protect underwear health.

The third point, that is, I will focus on the need to say, I believe that many girls have a lot of cosmetics, skin care products, as well as jewelry, all kinds of hair ornaments. These things often take up a lot of space in our dresser, bathroom, etc., it seems the whole family especially messy. And find it particularly inconvenient. If you select the above said non-woven fabric or plastic, because he is not transparent, it is not very easy to find. This time you can choose to use acrylic storage box up. Because acrylic has excellent transparency, high temperature, corrosion, and can choose a different color. Transparent box lets you store things clear, very easy to find, compared to the market there are a lot of wood, or glass storage box, wooden storage box but inconvenient to find things, glass storage box easily broken. And most important thing is beautiful and stylish acrylic makeup organizer, at home can also play a decorative effect. So choose acrylic makeup organizer is the most sensible choice.

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