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Mobile phone holder is what material?

  • Author:Hotsun
  • Source:Hotsun
  • Release on:2014-07-31

More and more businesses are now beginning to focus on brand, then pay attention to the brand, while the external image of goods will become more important. Especially mobile phones, IPAD and other such electronic products, it is stylish, but generally difficult to judge good or bad quality or features, so most people would choose the brand, and then display the image as a commodity is particularly important. Acrylic Display promotional merchandise to meet the business needs and customer demand for the product visually. Now I come to tell you about the Acrylic mobile phone holder.

Mobile phone holder

The Iphone holder using the most popular on the market today is made of acrylic material, giving the impression that the whole atmosphere of fashion and beauty. That is because a translucent acrylic material at 92 percent, the most of the plastic material, and oxidation resistance and weather resistance are particularly good, prolonged use can maintain its high degree of transparency for businesses to save a lot of costs.

Also businesses have to worry about when to show the phone is stolen, this product is equipped with anti-theft feature, burglar alarm can help you be more secure display precious commodity. Meanwhile, Acrylic mobile phone holder nice and practical, solid structure, free assembly, disassembly fast, convenient transportation, the previous businesses are counter display put rows of mobile phones, neither beautiful nor safety. Acrylic mobie phone holder can be said that the counter mode to off-hook mode, showing a more open way.

 Shenzhen Hotsun currently has a number of large brands with cooperation, such as: Samsung, Apple, etc., we are providing customers with high-quality display of the mobile phone can also provide screen printing LOGO.

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