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Making Process of Acrylic Display

  • Author:Hotsun
  • Source:Hotsun
  • Release on:2014-07-23

Acrylic display products are commonly seen in our daily life. While few of us know how to make these products and what the making processes is. Following is to introduce the making process briefly in order to let you know more about acrylic.

1.  Draft design. If you do not have design, we have to know,at least, the dimension and the qty you want before we can give you our quotation. In China, most of the acrylic manufacturers accept customized order and OEM as per your demand. We can make any acrylic display according to your design.

2.  Raw material select. It is necessary to select good material. Currently, imported acrylic materials or Sino-foreign jointed acrylic materials are popular in domestic market due to their good quality. The unit price of acrylic material ranges from20-30 RMB/kg which is higher than other glass material. Wastage appearing in the making process like polishing and laser cutting can not be neglected, making the unit price of the finished display higher than others’ display.

3. Mould making. Making mould for a display is the most important process. Acrylic plate is made through vacuum positioning and extrusion forming.Even for the same letter with different size, it may need a new mould to make this letter. So the precision and quality of the mould has a great influence on the quality of a acrylic display.

4. Post production. Currently, with advanced machines like laser engraving machine, carves-milling machine and polishing machine, most of the process is mechanized which can highly improve the efficiency. When absorbing-plastics material forming,it still need edge milling,engraving, polishing, light laying and painting. After all of these complicated processes finished, acrylic display is finally completed.

5.Logo printing. Some customers would like to print their logo or artworks on the display. The logo or artwork can be printed through silk screen , laser engraving or thermal transfer printing at your request.