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How to buy high-quality acrylic display stands?

  • Author:Hotsun
  • Source:Hotsun
  • Release on:2014-07-19

Many customers have questions about how to identify those good acrylic displays with high-quality. Here, we ‘d like to offer you some tips.

1.Good transparency . Transparency is one of the factors for us to identify good acrylic displays.Generally, good acrylic displays have super transparency.

2. Pure color. High-quality acrylic displays usually present uniform color. Pay attention to the color may help you identify good acrylic.

3.Thickness. Thickness is also an aspect for you to judge a excellent acrylic display. Different acrylic displays are made of different acrylic plates with various thickness. It can be known whether it is a good one or not by comparing the thickness with those standard display. 

4. Touch. Touch the display to judge its quality. Good acrylic display, generally has glossy surface. When touch it, you feel good and hardly see the spoors from your fingers.

5.Good load-bearing and stability.High-quality acrylic displays never appear the phenomenon of flexural deformation when you load the weight not beyond its standard bearing limit.

 Pay attention to above tips, you will buy what you want.