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Our Location SHENZHEN HOTSUN DISPLAY PRODUCT CO.,LTD. :77th Plant ,Dawo Industrial Park, Baigehu Road,Guanhu street,Longhua District,Shenzhen,China:+8...Contact Now


10 year facuson acryic display stands manufaturing.

Year Established:Otc. 2003

Main product:All kinds of acrylic display/craft gifts

Trade Markets:68 countries.over 500 clients at present

Our Enterprise culture
Enterprise Spirit
Speech necessarily line&line necessarily fruit.Dare to play.
Innovate practically.Keep improving.scientific&effective.Top into upcoming
Enterprise Mission
struggle and renew for display products,be the leader of display industry.
let the qulity fo hotsun be famous in the domestic and go to the world.
Business Ideas
Based in good faith,operate in kindheartedness.
With the goal to be win-win. With the first duty of service.
Operation Target
Achieve the lowest cost.Quality first,Maximum benefit
Development Vision
Growing and become stronger. Be the producer and innovator of display equipment.