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A variety of acrylic display stand

  • Autor:Hotsun
  • Quelle:Hotsun
  • Lassen Sie auf:2014-09-09
     Acrylic display generally in the supermarket, shopping mall, mobile phone shops, the facade shop can be seen everywhere, in areas such as cosmetics exhibition frames, mobile phone display, watch display, shoe, shoe rack, and store counters, etc., most of them are made of acrylic. Because of the yakeli has good transparency, can be made into all sorts of color.
    So the businesses in the mall or store decoration all the time choose acrylic display stand to showcase products, because transparent acrylic products attached to a larger value, very helpful sales. Here I come to you look Acrylic Display pictures, But a lot of products, you can not think it turned out to be produced with acrylic.
    Sunglasses display standdesk calendar
    Cosmetics display standacrylic box